E075 -


Acceptable Use - Electronic Information Systems

  1. Customer Responsibility
    1. Customers are responsible for being aware of and observing District Internet policies and local state and federal law as they apply to individual use of electronic systems, and are solely responsible for violations they or their legal dependents commit.
    2. Customers must show proof of identification in order to access electronic resources.
    3. Customers shall not be required to register for workstations dedicated to accessing the District's on-line catalog.
    4. Public display or printing of offensive materials is a violation of Policy #C184-- Inappropriate Customer Behavior.
    5. Although the District respects the confidentiality of Internet use within the limit of its own policies and local, state, and federal statutes, it may investigate and suspend individuals suspected of misuse and take appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action.
    6. Acts contrary to local, state and federal law shall be considered a violation of District Internet Policy and be subject to suspension of library privileges and appropriate penalty under law.
    7. Customers assume all responsibilities for honoring copyright law. Violations of copyright may be subject to District sanction or legal action.
    8. Customers who use District computers for illegal activity or who destroy or attempt to destroy hardware or software may be suspended from using the library and shall be liable for civil and/or criminal legal action.
    9. Customers agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the District, its employees and agents from any claim, demand, liability, cause of action, suit, judgement, or expense, (including attorney’s fees), arising out of any breach of this policy statement.
    10. Customers may not use District computers to conduct commercial activities, i.e. operate a business within the library.
    11. Customers shall be responsible for printing costs.
    12. The District reserves the right to limit inappropriate use of chat.
    13. Customers may not employ Library systems for the purpose of libel, slander, or any form of harassment.
    14. The District will not install or support any hardware or software on staff or public computers that is, in the opinion of the IT staff, limited in scope or audience, is a potential threat to the security or stability of District hardware or software, requires an excessive amount of funds or staff time to install or maintain, or is not beneficial or appropriate for use on a shared computer.
    15. Customers may not install or activate hardware or software on public computers, with the exception of storage or listening devices for personal use.
  2. Parental Responsibility
    1. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s access, including sites located and informational content; there are a number of guides available in libraries to support parents in this responsibility. The Library District will partner with parents to assist them in helping their children develop acceptable behavior in accessing the Internet.
    2. The District assumes that the vast majority of parents want their children to have access to this important informational tool. Parents may request that the District deny Internet access to their children and the District will include this denial notice in the child's customer record. Parent's should understand that blocking of the Internet will result in the child not having access to many periodicals, databases and value added services to which the District subscribes.
  3. District Responsibility
    1. The St. Charles City-County Library District provides access to the Internet as an integral component of information delivery. Since the Internet consists of hundreds of millions of pages, the Library District assumes no responsibility for content.
    2. The Library District may limit individual session times, based on demand and shall establish appropriate registration procedures for Internet use.
    3. The District makes every effort to provide continuity of service but is not responsible for any disruptions.
    4. Transaction logs, electronic mail and other information which could be used to identify users with specific materials or subject matter are considered by the Library to be confidential, and will not be divulged to anyone other than the user. All users are advised that such records shall not be made available to any agency of state, federal or local government except pursuant to such process, order or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to, federal, state or local law relating to criminal, civil, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigatory power.
    5. The Library District shall, however, reserve the right to investigate violations of customer responsibility.
  4. Applicability to all electronic information systems.
    1. Applicable sections of this policy apply to stand-alone workstations owned by the District as well as those connected to the Internet.
  5. Non-Resident use of electronic information systems.
    1. Non-residents who own property or pay annual fees (Policy C232) may use the Internet and associated electronic information systems.
    2. Other non-residents, who show proof of identification, may use the Internet workstations upon payment of a $2 per one hour session.
  6. Penalties for non-compliance with customer responsibility provisions of this policy--- appeals procedure:
    1. The Branch Managers or their designates may suspend customers from using the Internet or ban them from the Library District for up to two weeks.
    2. Longer suspensions may be imposed for chronic or serious abuses with the approval of the Deputy Director.
    3. The District may suspend use of Internet or stand alone workstations for customers who are for any reason in Denial of Service Status. (Policies #C064.5)
    4. Customers may appeal all denials to the Director and subsequently to the Board of Trustees in accordance with Policy #C064.
  7. Missouri Statutory Compliance:  The District shall make provisions effective 1/1/03 to comply with statutes dealing with materials pornographic to minors.  Such procedures are enumerated in Policy #C024.7 Acceptable Use- Electronic Information Systems-Missouri Statutory Compliance.

(Revised 1/11/2010)