Chairitable and Community Activities - District Wide

The Library District may participate in fundraising and other collection activities with charitable and non-for-profit organizations District wide according to the following guidelines.

The Library District will provide limited space within its facilities if space is available without hindering public service activities. The organization must provide services countywide and be generally of a noncontroversial nature. Such events and activities shall be limited to one at a time and shall require only minimal staff time. The Library District shall not be liable for any loss or theft from the collections, nor will it assume responsibility for maintenance or transportation of the collections. Publicity of the activity shall not be the responsibility of the Library District. The collection activities must not interfere with normal library operations.

Requests for library participation shall be submitted to the Deputy Director. Written approval or denial response shall be given within 15 days. Groups or organizations denied access to systemwide collections /or activities shall have the right to appeal. Such appeal shall be submitted to the Library Director within 15 days of original denial. The Director shall respond in writing with a ruling concerning the denial within fifteen days.

If the Director determines that the request should be denied, a final appeal may be made to the District’s Board of Trustees. Such appeal must be made in writing and must arrive at the District’s Administrative offices no later than the 25th of the month for inclusion in the following month’s Board packets. The Trustees shall be supplied with the final group appeal along with all findings by management. Appeals to the Board of Trustees must be filed within thirty days of the date of the denial finding submitted by the Director.

(Approved 2/8/93)