Copier and Printer Charges

The St. Charles City-County Library District, by way of this document, reaffirms the price for photocopies, including microfilm and computer printer output, at ten cents per page. The District warrants that the establishment of such charge for copier output has historically been ten cents, and that such cost pre-dates the passage of the Hancock Amendment.

The District through this policy also affirms that the use of laser printers for direct computer output is essential to providing new sources of information and is by nature the same end user product as photocopier output. As such, established charges will be the equal to that for photocopies.

The District reserves the right to increase the base charge of such copies to offset the additional cost of providing copies, including establishing new charges for color copies or other technological innovations which have higher costs to the District. Increases in charges necessitated by cost increases shall be publicly posted for at least thirty days before the adoption of a new price schedule.

(Click here for a complete Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees.)

Any charges concomitant to the printing charges may be collected t the same time and in the same manner as printing costs. These fees may include the costs involved with data base charges or other on-line charges which are collected at the time of printing. Such costs may be in addition to the charges imposed for printing.

(Proposed & Adopted 6/12/95)