Denial of Service - Appeal

The following policy shall constitute right of appeal for denial of library services by the St. Charles City-County Library District.

Citizens who have been denied library service for any reason shall, after the normal course of reviews by branch managers and the Deputy Director as specified within various policies of the District, have fifteen days to appeal in writing such denial to the Director of the Library District. The Director shall respond in writing with a ruling concerning the denial within fifteen days.

If the Director finds that service shall continue to be denied, a final appeal may be made to the District’s Board of Trustees. Such appeal must be made in writing and must arrive at the District’s Administrative offices no later than the 25th of the month for inclusion in the following month’s Board packet. The Trustees shall be supplied with the final patron appeal along with all findings by management. Appeals to the Board of Trustees must be filed within thirty days of the date of the denial finding submitted by the Director.

(Adopted 4/8/91)