Distribution and Consumption of Alcohol on Library District Grounds

For purposes of this Library District Policy, a person is “visibly intoxicated” when inebriated to such an extent that the impairment is shown by significantly uncoordinated physical action or significant physical dysfunction.  Additionally, a “third party vendor” is an entity other than the Library District, its component units, or its officers or employees.

  1. Alcohol is allowed on District grounds in limited circumstances.  Those circumstances are described in this policy.
  2. No event serving alcohol shall be held on Library District premises without the written authorization of the Library Director, which permission shall be granted only if a third party vendor holds the proper liquor license for the event.
         A. Neither the Library District, its component units, its officer or employees shall apply for, accept assignment of, or be the holder of a liquor license for events held on the premises of the District, or for any District event held off of the District’s premises.
         B. The consumption and distribution of alcohol on Library District grounds is limited to events at which a third party vendor other than the Library District, its component units, its officers or employees has obtained the express written consent of the Library District Director.
         C. Alcohol is prohibited on Library District grounds in all other circumstances.
  3. Any duly licensed third party vendor serving alcohol on Library District grounds shall:
         A. Be responsible for ensuring Missouri law is enforced such that only those persons of legal age who are in attendance at events in which the distribution of alcohol has been granted have access to alcohol and that any required proof of age and identity has been viewed.
         B. Provide proof of insurance at the time of booking in the annual sovereign immunity limits set forth by the Missouri Department of Insurance per RSMO 537.610.  Such insurance policy shall provide that the third party vendor’s insurance is primary and shall provide that the District is an additional insured.
         C. Not serve any alcohol to anyone who appears visibility intoxicated.
  4. The serving and consumption of alcohol on library grounds shall be confined to event areas designated by the Library District on the permission granted by the District Director.
  5. The distribution of alcohol on Library District grounds may only be granted to third party vendors that are licensed and insured to serve alcohol in the state of Missouri, in St. Charles County and in the municipality in which the event is being held and are acting in compliance with all applicable county and city ordinances and regulations governing the sale or distribution of alcohol.
  6. Violation of the policy is cause for the event host or library staff, if present, to ask the third party vendor violating the policy to leave the grounds immediately and for staff to notify the local law enforcement authority.
  7. If an individual appears visibly intoxicated or becomes disruptive, law enforcement may be notified.

Approved 1/8/2013