Privacy of Library Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The St. Charles City-County Library District is committed to respecting your privacy and personal information.

All information is treated as confidential. There are no mandatory questions. You may choose to opt out of some (or all) of the survey questions if you are not comfortable with providing a response.

Summary results consisting of overall response data, may be published from time to time. The District does not have access to the identity of individual respondents and cannot and will not publish information that would reveal their identity or responses.

During the completion of the survey, you may optionally provide your e-mail address. If you choose to provide your e-mail address, Counting Opinions (the District’s survey firm) will use this information strictly for the purpose of sending annual e-mail reminders regarding updating your survey responses. Other personal information, if provided, is used strictly to track trends in customer satisfaction by comparing current and previous responses.

Certain socio-demographic data is used for the purposes of validating the survey sample and for determining the significance of survey results.

(Approved 10/9/06)