E070 -


Corrective Counseling and Performance Improvement

Corrective Counseling may be initiated when management believes that am employee’s performance problem can and will be resolved through such counseling. Corrective counseling is completely at the discretion of the District. It is the District’s intention to protect its investment of time and expense devoted to employee orientation and training whenever that goal is in the District’s best interest. The District reserves the right to discharge "at will". Even if corrective counseling is implement, it may be terminated at the discretion of management.

Certain types of counseling that may be recommended, such as: Verbal Counseling, Written Counseling, Probation, Suspension, Dismissal. The manager, with the assistance of the Human Resources Manager, will determine the course of action best suited to the circumstances.

It is essential that all corrective counseling be supported by written documentation to protect both the rights of the District and the rights of the employee.

Verbal counseling should be documented by the manager for future reference. Written counseling becomes a part of the employee’s personnel file.

If an employee is placed on probation, the employee will be advised that unless improvement in performance or conduct is achieved, the employee may experience salary reduction, demotion, or dismissal.

Suspension may be justified when circumstances reasonably require an investigation of a serious incident in which the employee was allegedly involved.

Occasions may arise when proven major violations of District policies or gross misconduct, such as, but not limited to; theft, dishonesty, insubordination, or serious breaks of acceptable behavior, constitute dismissal. In such cases, the employee should be removed from the workplace and the Assistant Director or Director should be contacted.

Although there is no real prescribed order, every attempt will be made to provide the employee an opportunity to correct inappropriate behavior before employment is terminated.

(Adopted 3/11/91)