Leave - Compassionate

Permanent full time and part time employees will be paid their regular rate of pay for the number of working hours normally worked during a period not to exceed three (3) days to attend funerals in their immediate family.  The immediate family is defined as spouse, child, parent, parental in-laws, brother, sister, grandparent and grandchild.  Other persons living in the same household will also be considered immediate family.

One (1) work day with pay is allowed for more distant relatives.

Four (4) hours will pay may be granted for attendance at funerals of close friends or business associates.

Prior to taking the leave, the employee shall notify the immediate supervisor for approval.

Any additional time needed by the employee can be taken as annual leave or leave without pay in accordance with those policies.

In unusual circumstances, the Director may grant additional time for compassionate leave.

(Approved 10/14/91 Revised 2/14/12)