Leave Without Pay

Leave without pay is that period of time in which the employee is absent from his/her regular work assignment after exhausting all applicable leave, including sick, annual, and holiday. Leave without pay may be requested for periods of family leave, illness, educational needs, or for other unusual situations.

A written request for a leave of absence without pay shall be submitted to the employee’s manager 30 days prior to the leave. Emergency situations may not allow for 30 day notice and will be handled on an individual basis.

  1. The request must indicate the beginning and ending dates for the leave.
  2. The request must include the reason the leave is necessary. A doctor’s statement may be required for medical leave. A supplemental medical exam may be required by a physician selected by the District.
  3. If the leave is for Family Leave, the guidelines in the Family Leave Policy E310 shall be followed including completing the Family and Medical Leave Request Form.

The employee’s supervisor shall approve/disapprove leave without pay up to 160 hours. The Library District shall approve/disapprove leave without pay of 160 hours to 480 hours. The Board of Trustees shall approve/disapprove leave without pay for more than 480 hours.

If it is necessary for an employee to take leave without pay for Family Leave, the District will continue health care coverage during the leave at the same level and cost to both the District and the employee as before the leave. The employee will be responsible for paying his/her share of the premiums, if any.

If the employee is unable to return to work on the established date, he/she may request an extension in writing two weeks prior to the expiration of the leave. The extension must be reviewed and approved/disapproved by the employee’s manager and the Director in accordance with existing policies an procedures. Failure to return to work at the end of the approved leave may be treated as a resignation.


(Revised 12/8/03)