Paraprofessional Training – Class Instruction

The St. Charles City-County Library District believes that its professional staff, through their education, experience, and teaching ability, is uniquely qualified to tailor the District’s training of Library Paraprofessionals to the procedures, techniques, and customer service functions inherent to the Missionof the St. Charles City-County Library District.
Staff engaged as Paraprofessional Training Instructors are required to follow these procedures:

  1. To submit a reasonably detailed topic outline for their assigned training sessions two weeks before its scheduled date
  2. To  prepare such informational handouts as might be needed to support the topic
  3. To arrange for any resources needed to illustrate or exemplify techniques or procedures used
  4. To prepare out-of-class assignments to assess the Paraprofessional-Trainee’s level of comprehension and skill development
  5. To evaluate the exercises completed by the Trainees with constructive comments and criticisms to enhance learning.

While the Director’s intent is to maximize the use of its extant staff as Paraprofessional Instructors, it may occasionally be advisable to recruit instructors from outside the District.

(Approved 6/13/94; Revision approved and effective December 13, 2010)