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Weather Closing or Emergency

Decisions regarding full closures, delayed openings, and early closings due to inclement weather conditions or emergency situations shall be made by the Director, or in the Director’s absence, the Assistant Director.

When possible, the decision to close or delay the opening of the District branches and administration office will be made at least 2 hours before the branches are scheduled to open. A decision will be made by noon for a midday closing or by 4 p.m. for an early evening closing.

The District will place closing announcements with local television and radio stations, add a message to the District phones, and place a message on the District’s website and social media. All staff will receive a message through the District’s email account. In the event of an early closure, the immediate supervisor will notify all staff who are scheduled to work the evening shift.

The Director may declare a weather emergency in one part of the county and close one or more branches affected by the inclement weather. During a weather emergency, the Director has the right to move staff to branches that are open to make library services available at times and places of highest demand by the residents of St. Charles County - Policy E496-Rights of Management.

For the safety of our employees, delivery routes may be modified or canceled during inclement weather. Delivery drivers may be reassigned to other duties to accommodate the change or cancellation of deliveries.

During poor weather conditions, the branch manager may delay opening the branch until minimal staff is available and parking lots and sidewalks are cleared. In some circumstances, Branch Managers may close the branch early, with the approval of the Director or Assistant Director, if hazardous conditions develop.

Staff who were scheduled to work when the branch or office was closed will be paid for the hours they were scheduled to work. Staff who had scheduled the day off as annual, sick, personal, or other paid leave will be charged with those leaves.

Staff who arrive late or leave early due to poor weather conditions shall use annual leave or personal leave to cover the remaining hours of the scheduled shift. Staff who choose to leave early and use paid leave to cover the remaining hours of their shift will be charged with those leaves if the Director announces an early closure.

(Revised 12/13/16)