F016 -


Applicant Expenses

Occasionally, the critical nature of a professional position shall necessitate payment of travel expenses for selected applicants. The District may reimburse mileage expenses for applicants living more than one hundred miles from the District’s administrative offices. Reimbursement rates shall equal existing mileage rates for employees. Travel involving periods away from the applicant’s domicile may include reimbursement for meals consistent with the District’s meal reimbursement policy for employees.

A meal may be paid for local or out of area applicant and selected interviewers. All such expenses must be approved by the Director or Deputy Director.

Where necessary or expedient, the District may obtain public transportation tickets and arrange and pay for lodging and transportation for applicants. Such applicant expenses shall be controlled in order to produce the lowest practical cost to the District.

The District may cooperate with other agencies in arranging and sharing applicant interview expenses when such arrangements are consistent with effective recruitment efforts.

(Adopted 9/11/89)