Reasonable expenses for attendance at conferences, meetings and workshops which will have a direct effect on library services, as well as general travel reimbursement for duties directly related to employment, but not including transportation to and from work, will be paid for by the Library District.

Travel more than 50 miles outside of the county, or all travel involving lodging, must be approved by the Director.

Staff members using their cars for library business will be paid at the rate of $.48 per mile.

Board members may be reimbursed at the same rate for travel to conferences, meetings and workshops.

With management approval, an employee may be reimbursed for use of a personal automobile when commuting between his/her residence or primary work location and secondary work location, in such cases, the normal commuting mileage of the employee should be subtracted from the total mileage reimbursement.

Return travel to the primary work location for emergency purposes such as fire alarm or computer malfunctions or holiday related duties such as clearing book drops may be reimbursed from the employee's residence.

Employees will not be reimbursed for extra travel mileage for personal reasons.   Mileage should be adjusted to reflect the most direct route between work location points.  Unless extenuating circumstances apply, employees should use branch to branch mileage tables developed by General Administration.

Employees and trustees should carpool when possible.

(Revised 6/09/08)