F112 -


Professional Memberships

The Library District shall, with the permission of the Director, reimburse professional memberships of staff members when such memberships contribute directly to the employee’s position.

Membership in organizations eligible for such reimbursement include, but shall not be limited to: The American Library Association, Public Library Association, Missouri Library Association, American Society for Public Administration, Government Finance Officers Association, and International Personnel Management Association.

Membership in such organizations shall normally be reimbursed at 50% of the total membership costs. Occasionally, full membership may be reimbursed, if it is determined that the District’s representation within a specific organization is critical, and that reimbursement of an individual’s membership would be less expensive to the District than a full organizational membership.

Memberships in organizations of a civic nature with a component of professional association, such as Rotary, Optimists, and Business and Professional Women are covered under Policy #F144 0 Service Club Memberships.

The District may directly maintain memberships in chambers of commerce and associated trade and professional groups.

The District may also fully pay memberships within the Missouri Library Association for its trustees.

(Revised 4/8/02)