About Us -

Mission Statement

The Library inspires, informs, and enhances connections across St. Charles County.

The St. Charles City-County Library District aspires to provide high quality, customer centered services that enhance the quality of life in our communities.

Core values are the foundation upon which we provide library service, interact with our community and make decisions.

  • Collaboration and Partnerships
    We cultivate relationships and partnerships with community organizations that complement our mission, vision and values.

  • Equal & Open Access
    We are open to all. We ensure access to needed information through library services or connections to community resources.  We treat everyone with respect.

  • Excellent Service
    We commit to providing accurate and reliable information, excellent programs and services, and a customer experience that is engaged, personal, and makes every customer eager to return.

  • Freedom to Know
    We believe in the value of intellectual freedom and resist all efforts to censor library resources.  We support the open exchange of information and ideas that represent multiple points of view.

  • Honesty, Trust & Integrity
    We strive to protect the privacy of library customers and keep all inquiries for information confidential.  We will operate in an open and honest manner and be accountable for maintaining financial integrity.

  • Innovation
    We pursue innovation as a means to keep our services and technology contemporary and vibrant.

  • Lifelong Learning
    We recognize learning is a continuous process.  We offer services and programs that encourage learning, discovery and intellectual development for individuals throughout their lives.

  • Outstanding Well Trained Staff
    We recognize that our library employees are a valuable community resource.  We seek to attract and retain outstanding staff.  We strive for excellence by maintaining and enhancing staff knowledge and skills through training and professional development.

  • Stewardship of Resources
    We are committed to providing value and making wise fiscal choices.  It is our responsibility to take care of materials and spaces effectively and efficiently.

Core Services are created to reflect the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the St. Charles City-County District.

  • Access to Information
    We serve as the answer place that provides accurate, well-documented and reliable information to meet needs of work, school, or personal curiosity.  We provide the technology and resources for customers to access information from within and outside of library walls.

  • Adult and Senior Services
    We offer and promote materials, programs and services for adults as a way to foster lifelong learning.

  • Business and Public Management Services
    Through the Houck Professional Development Center, we provide expert, personalized assistance and resources to aid governmental and public agencies, the business community, investors, entrepreneurs and those dealing with a changing work environment.

  • Children’s Services
    We offer and promote quality materials, services and programs to children and their caregivers as a way of fostering a lifelong interest in reading and library use.  We recognize that early literacy is an important role the library plays in preparing children to be ready to learn to read.

  • Collection
    We provide our customers with a useful, enticing collection that is centered on meeting our customer needs and expectations.  We offer a collection of current, reliable materials that answers general information inquiries and includes current popular materials.  We help our customers to find materials that match their interests.  We connect to other libraries to make the world of resources easily available to our customers. 

  • Community Referral Services
    We connect our customers with existing information and services; we are active in the community as a way to be informed about community resources.

  • Community Spaces
    We provide community gathering spaces and meeting areas that foster dialogue and exchange of ideas within our facilities.

  • Consumer Health Information
    We offer resources, services and partnerships that help customers make informed decisions about health-related issues and enhance the wellness of our community.

  • Government Documents
    We provide convenient access to information from federal, state and local government.

  • Information Literacy
    We assist customers in identifying, locating, evaluating and effectively using accurate information.

  • Local History & Genealogy
    We believe that preserving our heritage impacts our future.  The Bizelli-Fleming Collection offers resources and services to those interested in local history and genealogy.  We work cooperatively with local history and genealogical organizations throughout the County.

  • Nonprofit Development
    Through the Houck Professional Development Center, we provide the resources and services that help to grow and sustain the nonprofit organizations that make our community a great place to live.

  • Outreach to Our Community
    We are proactive in offering and promoting library services and materials to people in our community who may not be able to visit branches or may not be aware of library resources that can make a difference in their lives.

  • Programming
    We offer customer-centered programming that informs, educates, entertains and connects people to our resources and services.

  • Teen Services
    We provide dedicated staff and resources to meet the special interests of Teens while promoting lifelong learning and library use.

  • Well Maintained, Safe & Welcoming Facilities
    We provide gathering spaces that are inviting, comfortable, enjoyable and ensure a positive library experience