How do I? -

Reserve an Internet Computer

Know exactly when your computer will be available and manage your own printing (in most branches*). All you need is a St. Charles City County Library card that is in good standing.
Automated Internet Computer Checkout

Basic rules

  • Customer must have a library card to reserve and/or log on to an internet computer.
  • Customer cannot  reserve a specific computer.  The system will assign one at first available basis at time requested.
  • Time limits vary per branch.**
  • Unused time is not carried over.
  • Customer may end a session early and only the actual time used will be deducted from the daily total.
  • There is a 10 minute grace period before a session is cancelled.  If the customer does not show, that 10 minutes will be deducted from the daily total.

At the regional, general purpose, and express branches, the customer can print without staff intervention.  You will be able to view pages and select specific pages to print, see the cost of job and accept or cancel printing.
At the mini branches, printing will be done by the staff for the customer.

**Time Limits
At the regional and general purpose branches, sessions are 60 minutes to start and at the express and mini branches, sessions are 30 minutes to start.  If no reservations are pending, customers are allowed more time in 30 minute increments up to the daily total of 4 hours at the regional and general purpose branches.

Express PCs
At each of the regional and general purpose branches, there will be a group of Express PCs.  These cannot be reserved and are meant to be used for quick-in-quick-out internet usage.  They have a 15 minute time limit.

For more information on branch locations and hours, click here.