test proctoring

C296  Test Proctoring

The St. Charles City-County Library District offers test proctoring services to cardholders in good standing.

Test proctoring is available at the following branches:  Corporate Parkway, Deer Run, Kathryn Linnemann, Kisker Road, McClay, Middendorf-Kredell and Spencer Road.

Prior arrangements for each proctoring session must be made.  No “drop-in” test proctoring is available.

There is no charge for proctoring, however the student must cover any fax, scan or mailing costs related to the receipt or return of test materials. Accommodations cannot be made for special handling requirements for returning tests. 

Library staff will read and follow all instructions for administering the exam.  The Library reserves the right to decline the service when the testing institution's requirements cannot be met.  Direct in-room supervision will not be provided.

The student bears responsibility to make sure that the Library receives the test and for checking with the educational institution that the test was received back. The Library will not keep copies of test materials.

The Library cannot proctor online exams that require the installation of special software or the modification of existing computer settings.

Testing may be canceled or postponed if the testing materials are not received in time, require clarification, or otherwise exceed the library’s ability to comply with the testing institution’s requirements. 

Students must arrive for testing on time, and bring their own supplies. Students must notify the Library if the scheduled appointment cannot be kept.

Adopted 3/11/2014